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my statement:

“I’ve always been inspired

by patina’s and eroded

beauty that speak of the

history of time. The older

things are the more I’m

moved by thier silent story.

I see us losing our history

through fading landscapes

and neglected architecture.

I believe now more than

ever, as we progress

deeper into technology,

people are thirsty for the

need to experience the

honest expression of life

that comes through the

human hand. Ultimately I

find myself exploring the

passage of time and

memory through my work

to express humanity.

Whether it be through

borrowing ornamental

motifs found in history or

using symbolic imagery

such as horses and birds

to represent freedom,

strength and beauty and

even rescuing discarded

objects to create new

forms. Either way I allow

the work to progress

intuitively resulting in a

contemporary piece with

a poetic patina that echos

the past. Some playful

and imaginative while

others are quiet and

meditative. My goal is

to create an honest

expression through my

work that it speaks the

your soul. As you explore

my work, may it visually

stimulate you and connect

you to a world where your

imagination and memories