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about maribel angel:

Born in 1969 Maribel Angel found herself crossing the gap of communication at a very early age. Raised in a spanish speaking family and attending an english speaking school she understood early on that the universal language that everyone understood was the visual world of pictures, symbols and images and the power of imagination. She grew up enjoying the challenge of communication and expression through art and design.

In pursuit of that interest Angel attended the University of North Florida, where she received her BA in graphic design in 1992, and has been working as a professional artist/graphic designer ever since.

As a Fine Artist, Angel has had gallery representation in select fine art galleries and has shown in museums in the southeast . She is in numerous private collections as well as corporate collections. She is always exploring new mediums and pushing her work to new heights. As a graphic designer she has freelanced for advertisting agencies and worked in the design field creating corporate identity packages, designing logos, print materials and signage as well as working alongside architects on environmental design projects.

Currently, Angel's home and studio is in Saint Augustine, Florida where she continues to be inspired by her surroundings. She continues to bridge the gap of communication through art, be it through designing a logo, dipping her brushes in paint or assembling a whimsical sculpture. Her goal is to visually stimulate her audience and connect them to a world inside her imagination.